Denkyem Reads: 100 Black Business Affirmations


We’re kicking off Denkyem Reads with 100 Black Business Affirmations by Ma’at CC. Ma’at CC has a background in business administration. She is the owner of Nubian Business Consulting LLC, a consulting service supporting Black businesses. 100 Black Business Affirmations, is her 3rd publication focused on uplifting the Black community. It is a book rooted …

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Denkyem Reads


We believe in local Black entrepreneurs. Part of our vision is that Black business owners will be trusted voices within their local communities. Voices that will support other small businesses, advocate for local causes, and inspire other aspiring entrepreneurs.  We will be looking to some of our local leaders to read what they have to …

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Organizing for Business Taxes


This post is for informational purposes only. Denklyem Co-Op is not an accounting professional service. Consult with a certified financial advisor before you rely on this information.  It’s not too early to plan ahead for next year’s business taxes. While this year’s process is fresh in your mind, make a plan to create more efficient …

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4 Ways to Give Back to the Community


Acts of service is Denkyem’s love language. We invest in Black-owned businesses who are involved in their communities. Acts of service can be big or small. They can require large amounts of funds, or just time and effort. Community support can be the main mission of a business or in addition to the products and …

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Self Care Part II: Asking for Support


When’s the last time that you asked for help? It’s a skill that comes easy to some, but for others it can be a big challenge. Our society glamorizes the idea of independence. We’re quick to add “self-made” to someone’s achievements and don’t often pause to consider the people who helped along the way. The …

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Industry Insight: Food and Beverage


Streets are lined with sparkling lights. Families are bundled up to get fresh air in the waning hours of daylight. While much of the season feels the same- you can spot the differences. Peak into any restaurant window and you’ll see that the tables that we typically gather around merrily, sit empty- chairs hanging with …

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The Fund


The mission of Denkyem is simple: provide access to affordable loans for Black-owned businesses. The process is simple: a straightforward form. Clear and transparent verification and a support system personalized to each client.  So when Denkyem decided to allow for philanthropic investments to further our purpose, simplicity was important.  That’s why we’ve partnered with Realize …

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Self Care as a Business Owner Part I: Rest


Denkyem translates to crocodile in West Africa. It is a symbol representing the ability to adapt. For a business owner being able to adapt is an essential skill. They’re constantly responding to customer needs, technological changes, and the in’s and out’s of their business. A part of Denkyem’s work is creating support around Black business …

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3 Things To Do Now To Protect Your Online Presence


Denkyem believes in empowering businesses so that they can serve as a trusted beacon in the community. Whether your business is at home online or you’ve recently increased your digital visibility, it’s important to protect your online presence. Just as you would secure a brick and mortar business with a security system, there are three …

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How the Denkyem Loan Works


Devin Stubblefield of Faith Finance Center has a background in financial services and banking, but working with Denkyem was his first time applying for a loan himself. Why? It’s because of what he calls the “intimidation factor”.  “I said, do I really need to go through that? The other part of it is that I …

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