Providing Access to Affordable loans

for black-owned businesses

in the puget sound region.

The Denkyem Loan

Gain access to capital based on your community involvement and growth potential.

Our loan provides direct funding to cover expenses related to stabilizing and reopening businesses.

0.1x Principal




3 Year


5% of Revenue


"I was able to take the time needed to restructure my business. Denkyem gave me the flexibility to achieve all of my short-term goals in order to improve my efficiency."

-Karl Hackett, Jacob Willard Home

Denkyem aims to create generational wealth within the Black community by providing affordable lending and our personalized business support services.


  • Registered with the State of Washington
  • Serving as an anchor business in the community
  • Generating revenue

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The Fund is a perfect way for anyone, accredited or not, to end prejudice in commercial lending for Black-owned businesses through philanthropic contributions.

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Donations go to Realize Impact, a 501(c)(3) public charity focused on making impact investing easier. In 2020 RI launched a new investing service to fill the gap for donors, donor advised funds, and foundations, working with Denkyem, the Seattle Foundation and others.