"Thanks to Denkyem we were fortunate to find an affordable loan... The relationship and desire for our success was sincere and the loan reflected it. Through a streamlined application, and review process, the Denkyem team supported us to the finish-line."

-Efrem Fesaha, Boon Boona Coffee

"I was able to take the time needed to restructure my business. Denkyem gave me the flexibility to achieve all of my short-term goals in order to improve my efficiency."

-Karl Hackett, Jacob Willard Home

"Denkyem believed in me and my business development, and for that, I will always be grateful. Looking forward to continued collaboration!"

-Devin Stubblefield, Faith Finance Center

You make the grant, and We'll make socially responsible investments that lead to growth!

The Denkyem Fund offers an effective way for individuals with donor-advised funds (DAF), faith-based organizations, and foundations to make recoverable grants that create a positive impact. We invest in high potential Black-owned businesses committed to their community. Join us in creating safe pathways for Black entrepreneurship and innovation in King County.

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