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Relationship-based loans for Black Owned Businesses

Denkyem is a Social Purpose Corporation that provides access to affordable loans for Black-owned businesses in the Puget Sound Region. We are building our pool of resources. Are you ready to join the network?


Why Denkyem?

We Build Relationships

Our business support services assist you in highlighting your strengths and strengthening your challenges.

We reward success

The cost of your loan is lowered as your business reaches its growth goals.

We Adjust with you

Your monthly payments are responsive to your monthly income so that you can focus on the future of your business

"Denkyem believed in me and my business development, and for that, I will always be grateful. Looking forward to continued collaboration!"

-Devin Stubblefield, Faith Finance Center

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At Denkyem, we value relationships over credit. Because of this belief, we offer access to affordable loans without credit checks, collateral, or personal guarantees.

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The Fund is a perfect way for anyone, accredited or not, to end prejudice in commercial lending for Black-owned businesses through philanthropic contributions.

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Donations go to Realize Impact, a 501(c)(3) public charity focused on making impact investing easier. In 2020 RI launched a new investing service to fill the gap for donors, donor advised funds, and foundations, working with Denkyem, the Seattle Foundation and others.