Self Care as a Business Owner Part I: Rest

Denkyem translates to crocodile in West Africa. It is a symbol representing the ability to adapt.

For a business owner being able to adapt is an essential skill. They’re constantly responding to customer needs, technological changes, and the in’s and out’s of their business. A part of Denkyem’s work is creating support around Black business owners so that they are able to make shifts as needed. One area that often gets overlooked is adapting to one’s own inner need for self care. This series was created to help business owners maintain their number 1 asset: themselves. Each post will go into a different area of self care and highlight local Black community leaders that best exemplify it. 

“The world to come should be one in which we acknowledge collectivity and connections and relations and joy. And if we don’t start practicing collective self care now, there’s no way to imagine, much less reach, a time of freedom.”

Angela Davis Interview with Afro Punk, 2018.


The days are getting shorter and the trees are shedding their leaves- a reminder that everything must rest. As a Black-business owner, rest might not come easy. You’re constantly tuned in to your work, your family, and your community. Being aware of the systemic issues that impact your business and customers is literally called being woke. So how do you find the rest you need to work another day? 

It’s a topic that The Nap Ministry is passionate about.  Founder, Tricia Hersey presented to the community in August in partnership with Wa Na Wari, the Central District Forum for Ideas,  and Langston Seattle. The virtual event emphasized the “importance of centering rest as part of our liberation”. Hersey, a performance artist and community activist preaches that sleep is an essential part of our healing. On The Story Collider Podcast she explains, 

“I found this beautiful article about how, when we sleep, our bodies and mind actually help us heal.  And I just was obsessed.  I just kept researching and I kept napping. 

And I read this beautiful article that said when we sleep, our brain is actually bathed in a chemical that helps us to forget trauma.  And I was empowered to sleep more.  I was now sleeping from an empowered state”.

In a single day you can be called to action for donations, your voice, your work, your opinion. People see you out there getting work done, hustling, creating, and building. But you are not an infinite resource. Your body and mind require time to process, heal, and refresh from day to day. Your health is a right. You have the right to deep breaths, a calm mind, and relaxed shoulders. Below are local, black owned and curated resources for a more rested mind. 

Niles Edge Monday Night Meditation

Monday’s at 8:00 PM PST via zoom

10/19/2020 – 12/07/2020

Cost: Free

“Join the grounding practice of meditation with the community. Several healers facilitate different modalities of meditation, so all levels can find their way in! This space is for the BIPOC community and allies who are actively working against racial oppression.”

Gathering Roots Wellness: Meditation Class

Saturdays 10 -11:00 am PST


Cost: Free

“Slow down and get still together! Rest, stillness and fortification are critical to our wellness. Come and fill your cup. You don’t need to prepare anything ahead of time; simply come with as much of your presence as possible. We suggest you dress comfortably & bring some water. Instructed by Tai Velasquez (Experiences by Tai) and Heather Adams (SemiWoo)”

Easy Yoga for Deep Sleep & Restoration | Yoga by Biola

“Help your body transition into deep rest for peaceful and restorative slumber with this easy yoga practice for sleep! This 30 minute sequence features gentle hip, spinal and neck stretches to relax the areas of the body we hold the most tension in throughout our day while activating your parasympathetic nervous system”

Healthy Spirit and Body Herbal Pillow Mist

“All natural pillow mists customized with blends of essential oils designed to help you fall asleep longer and faster. The Chamomile & Sage Nighttime Pillow Mist is designed to help you feel relaxed, calm and at peace. Roman chamomile is best known for its hypnotic properties, which promote relaxation and may help induce sleep. Chamomile’s hypnotic effects also work to decrease the amount of time required to fall asleep. Pairing this with the subtle, earthy scent of sage, is a dream come true. Sage helps reduce anxiety and stress, which is perfect after a long busy day”

Anlea Essentials Bath Soak

“Take time to relax with Anlea’s natural bath soak that soothes dry skin while you de-stress. This bath soak has added essential or fragrance oil blends that leaves skin feeling silky soft and clean. Soaking for 20-30 minutes in a hot bath that contains Epsom salts can aid in sleep and help relieve stress.”

Happy Leaf Tea Co. La La Chamomile

“Lavender, Chamomile, and rose hips. Aromatic and calming.” Pour yourself a cup to transition into a moment of calm.

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