Where is Your Third Place? Denkyem Hosts It’s First Third Thursday Event

Lately, our team has been thinking a lot about the idea of a “third place”, – a concept that describes a space distinct from home and work. A third place is an environment where individuals can gather, interact, and engage in community authentically outside of their usual routines.

A third place is a vital component of a vibrant and healthy community, offering people a sense of belonging and contributing to the overall social fabric. At Denkyem, we believe a third place is a must for a healthy Black business community.

We recently held our first Third Thursday, on February 15th, to bring together local Black leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals to foster deep collaboration. The event provided a space for meaningful dialogue and networking. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in lively discussion surrounding the question, “How do we create a thriving Black business community?” It was inspiring to hear the passion and enthusiasm as folks chatted, sharing their insights and vision.

During the event, we outlined three actionable tasks:

  1. First, set a goal to reach out to at least one Black entrepreneur and truly check-in on them. 95% of our businesses nationally are solopreneurs, meaning they’re on their own.
  2. Second, reflect on how we, collectively, will create a thriving Black business community that serves as an anchor for economic mobility, and share your ideas with at least two other people.
  3. Lastly, make sure you walk away with at least one new connection, and make time to reconnect via email, phone call, text, video conference, or in-person before the next Third Thursday.

Looking ahead, we’re excited to announce that our next Third Thursday gathering will focus on the topic of ‘Giving and Receiving Support’. Scheduled for Thursday, March 21, 2024, this event promises to be a crucial conversation for our community. As space is limited to 35 people, we encourage early registration once we send out the invite link in the coming weeks.

As a Black-owned CDFI, Denkyem is dedicated to creating safe pathways for entrepreneurship and innovation. Together, we have the power to drive positive change and build a more equitable future.

Join us for our next Third Thursday and be a part of constructing a community where everyone thrives.

Thank you to the vendors who contributed to this event: